Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a basic branch of dental medicine, based on the repair and treatment of teeth and the removal of tartar with the aim of a more beautiful and healthy smile.

The most common treatment is the e treatment of dental caries, one of the most common diseases today.
Under the action of bacteria, an infection develops that spreads to the surrounding healthy tissue and requires the mechanical action of caries removal.
Healthy parts of the tooth should be filled with fillings in order for the tooth to retain vitality and function. Fillings made of composite or ceramic, are more resistant and long-lasting and more aesthetically pleasing.
New materials such as composite, with an unlimited number of color shades and minimal tooth preparation allow us to shape a morphologically and aesthetically perfect shape.
With our high-quality aesthetic composite materials, we solve dental surface replacements equally well when replacing old amalgam (black) fillings, with an emphasis on preserving the vitality of the dental pulp.