Prosthetic dentistry

Do you wish a bright, natural and youthful smile? Prosthetic dentistry offers long-term solutions for the replacement of lost teeth or aesthetic correction of existing ones.

At some point in life, our teeth no longer satisfy us on an aesthetic level, and in some cases not even on a functional one.
The desire for a natural and radiant smile is possible today, thanks to technology and modern medicine. In our clinic, neglected and unhealthy teeth become a thing of the past.
In addition to disrupting the aesthetics and appearance of our face, the lack of teeth can cause a whole range of problems in the masticatory function that not only can cause pathological changes in our jaw joints but also changes in the spine and musculoskeletal system of the upper torso.
If the condition is such that a fixed prosthetic replacement cannot be performed, then we offer you the possibility of mobile or combined prosthetic replacements.
Mobile dentures are divided into 2 types; total dentures made of acrylic and partial dentures made of acrylate. The patient can remove and insert the mobile dentures himself, while fixed dentures can only be removed by the dentist or cannot be removed at all.
The treatment will depend on the condition of the patient's oral cavity. Our team will offer you the best solution.

Fixed dentures

Fixed dentures come in the form of individual crowns or a series of connected crowns in a bridge, that is permanently cemented to an existing tooth or implant, without the possibility of removal.

The crown replaces the imperfect, damaged or aesthetically unacceptable existing teeth. Crowns can either have a metal base or non-metal base. Ceramic and zircon crowns look more natural in appearance and transparency.

Please feel free to contact us. We will offer you the best solution according to your capabilities.

Mobile dentures

In case of edentulous (toothless) jaws, when it is no longer possible to insert implants, a total mobile denture is the only aesthetic and functional option.

In all other cases we offer solutions such as partial dentures, immediate dentures and implant supported dentures, depending on the professional advice of our dental experts.