Endodontics is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the treatment of dental canals, extraction of pulp or root of teeth, and prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies within the pulp.

Dental pulp is a substance located inside the dental canal and consists of nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels.
Due to the penetration of caries into the dental tissue and untimely visit to the dentist, the pulp is infected with bacteria that cause caries. Infected pulp, penetration of toxins and bacteria from untreated caries will cause inflammation of the bones and the formation of granulomas.
Treatment of such a tooth consists of removing the inflamed dental pulp and tissue, dilating and shaping the canal, and rinsing the infected dentin to prepare it for filling with a special biocompatible material to prevent bacteria from penetrating to the tip of the tooth root.
Some of the symptoms associated with nerve inflammation are pain on bite, heat, cold, swelling, fistula, or sudden throbbing pain.
If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, contact us because thanks to the high quality equipment and expertise in the endodontic treatment procedure, we achieve maximum success in dental treatment.