Aesthetic dentistry

A smile is a personal passport through life on which self-confidence and openness to others depend, So it is important to take care of the health of the oral cavity and of aesthetics.

Aesthetic dentistry unites almost all branches of dentistry, and its goal is to establish a harmony of function and aesthetics of the dentition and healthy gums.
It involves oral rehabilitation that meets the aesthetic requirements of patients. Nowadays peoples’ aesthetic expectations are very high, so aesthetic dental medicine is forced to satisfy even the most demanding patients with its modern solutions.
During the first examination, after diagnosing the bite, examining the gums and natural dental crowns, we make a treatment plan and offer you the best solution, as well as possible prosthetic work.
We repair the damaged teeth and the material, color, shape and size for the new crowns are all selected in cooperation with laboratory experts.
Do not allow physical aging to affect the natural condition of your teeth. In our clinic, we offer a wide range of methods and treatments that will return the desired smile on your face.
Modern dentistry has enabled us to create beautiful and bright smiles by combining artistic skills and modern technology. By creating a perfect smile we change lives for the better.


Bruxism is the unconscious and uncontrolled clenching of teeth. During the clenching of the teeth, forces three times greater than during chewing occur can negatively affect tooth enamel, fillings and prosthetic works. Pain and sensitivity to cold can occur and may be accompanied by a feeling of tension in the masticatory muscles, headache and pain in the ear.

In order to protect the teeth from the consequences of bruxism, it is necessary to make a splint, a replacement that absorbs the forces created by squeezing the masticatory muscles, preventing the teeth from scraping one on top of the other. This protects not only the wear of the teeth but also the supporting tooth tissue and the jaw joint.

The complexity of the therapy itself depends on the stage and time at which the patient responds. The earlier the stage, the simpler the process.

Bruxism can usually be taken lightly, but its appearance can affect the physiognomy of the face, as the wear of the teeth loses the bite - so do not wait too long! Do contact us when you notice an uncontrolled clenching of your teeth.


The basic fundamental of aesthetics is a natural, a healthy and fresh look. When modifying and creating the perfect smile, we use methods like removing tartar, polishing or whitening teeth with professional means.

The whitening procedure is painless and effective, and is intended for anyone who is not happy with their tooth color. Teeth color can be subject to changes due external influences such as consuming coffee, red wine, certain type of food and other colored beverages, as well as some tablets.

In addition to conservative and prosthetic dental and whitening treatments, we also offer dental jewelry. The method of application is non-invasive and does not damage the tooth enamel. The jewelry is most often made of zircon, a semi-precious stone.

Respecting the individuality of each patient, we achieve top results - because your smile is our passion.