Periodontology is a branch of dentistry specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of gums, ligaments and bones.

Healthy gums must be firm and pale pink in color. If they are swollen, red and bleed easily, then you are a candidate for a treatment to remove the infection from the gums.
Inflammation of the gums, gingivitis, destroys the soft tissues and bones that support the teeth, and is caused by the accumulation of tartar and bacterial plaque caused by insufficient oral hygiene - but also by pregnancy, puberty and orthodontic anomalies. It is recognized by bleeding gingiva (gums), bad breath, changes in the color of the gums, wobbly teeth and finally theeth loss.
Unrecognized and untreated gingivitis progressively causes deeper tissue infections, leading to irreversible bone loss, and ultimately tooth loss.
Advanced periodontitis can seriously affect the general health of the body with an increased risk of stroke and heart attack.
The treatment consists of removing inflamed granulation tissue and subgingival calculus (hardened dental plaque) from the pocket walls thus creating new preconditions for recovery.
Oral hygiene plays a major role in the development of periodontitis, so regular and proper brushing and flossing have a preventive effect on the removal of harmful microbes and bacteria, which can cause these dental problems.
Our dental studio pays special attention to the gums, which is primarily the basis of other health problems, and we offer the necessary treatments to solve them.
In case you have noticed any of the above symptoms, we advise you to contact us and make an appointment.